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Welcome to Virtuous Productions - We exist to restore your Body, Mind & Soul thru Dance, Music & Drama!

  1. Dancers are the Athletes of God.       ~Albert Einstein~

  2. The Dance... it is the Rhythm of all that dies in order to Live Again.

 It is what I always wanted to do; to show the Laughter, the Fun, the Joy of Dance. ~ Martha Graham
 David and all the House of Israel were Dancing before the Lord with all their Might. ~ II Sam. 6:5
 Dancers aren’t made of their Technique but of their Passion.
 When I run (Dance) I feel His            Pleasure. ~ Chariots of Fire

Have you heard of Bokwa yet? It’s the latest global fitness rage that has already swept the UK, Austrailia & the Philipines, to name a few countries. Would you like to try it? Every Wednesday at 6:30pm our team of 3-4 instructors will lead you thru the experience! This is your opportunity and it appeals to both Men & Women! 

Rock Your Heart! Have fun getting to know new friends and having others get to KNOW YOU. Explore new territory and push yourself to new limits! What are you waiting for...Get up and move!

♥ Try Urban Ballet with Kelly, for Dance Exercise thats sure to keep you Fit & Healthy. (click on Group Classes).
♥ How about Private Ballroom Dance Instruction with Spas, Sarita, Ashley & James or
Private Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet or Acting for Camera with Kelly, Heather Ashley & Sarita. (click on Private Lessons)
♥ Do you have an Event that you need to reserve space for or Professional Performers that need to be hired? Perhaps a Birthday Party, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Quinciñeta, Corporate Event or wedding? (click on Event Rental)
♥ Looking for something for the kids? Ashley, Kelly, Etta & Sarita enjoy teaching the kids. We have group instruction in Hip-Hop, Ballet, Tap & Jazz, Children’s Ballroom & Etiquette, Bokwa and more!

♥ We’ve also got a group Class line-up for Ballroom & Technical Classes for Teens/Adults that includes Tap w/Kelly & Jazz w/Kelly, Hip-Hop w/Ashley and Ballroom w/Sarita, Spas, James & Ashley. (click on Group Classes)
♥ To view more on former Miami Heat Dancer & Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model, Ashley Allen, Click on her Site to see more:

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