Class Descriptions


Baby Ballet - (ages 4-5)

The young child’s introduction to the basics of a more disciplined form of dance, which is the foundation of all forms of dance. This 45 minute class teaches the child that discipline can be fun and bring a reward from learning to work together to create something beautiful. Attire: Ballet shoes and your choice of ballerina style clothing. Pink tights and leotard with hair tied back in ponytail or bun.

Creative Dramatics I – (ages 4-6)

Incorporates a variety of activities such as improvisational games, dramatic storytelling, and creative movement that develops listening skills, coordination, group interaction and creative thinking in a young performer.  Creative Dramatics I is a fun, fast paced class geared specifically to keep the attention of the 4-6 year old mind.

Creative Dramatics II – (ages 6-8)

An extension of Creative Dramatics I, the second level class expands on the knowledge learned in the aforementioned class.  Teaches theatre terms and techniques by way of improvisational games, skits and stories, and creative movement.  Creative Dramatics II is a fast paced class geared specifically for the beginning reader and student of the performing arts.

Musical Theatre I – (ages 8-10) & (10-13)

Incorporates different elements of performing arts.  Improvisational games, age appropriate skits, and beginner theatre techniques are used to advance the blossoming young performer.  This class is based  on musical theatre and broadway style performing.

Cirque Flex (ages 6-adult)

In this dynamic, unique, and fun class for everyone, students will develop flexibility, strength, hand-balance, coordination, and concentration, using the techniques developed by the circus pros. Each student will be challenged gently through a sequential learning process that takes their flexibility, strength, and balance to new levels. This class will transform your body.  Advanced students will have opportunity to work on an act creation for performance.   

Modern 4 Kids (all ages)

Modern dance is a style of theatrical dance that rejects many of the strict rules of classical ballet, focusing instead on the expression of inner feelings thru popular music that kids can relate to. For this reason, a child can get by with minimal to no background in ballet and jazz. Attire: Form fitting clothing with jazz shoes or foot thongs.

Jazz 4 Kids - (all ages)

Classic jazz class with a ballet, african and latin base. Set warm-up, across the floor work and combination. Students learn to express their creative selves with lyricism and sass! Attire: Form fitting clothing with jazz shoes or foot thongs.

Hip Hop 4 Kids - (all ages)

Class covers basic dance skills like keeping rhythm, following choreography and developing body control, as well as performance skills such as stage presence, acting, and improvisation. These are taught through kid-friendly Hip Hop & Funk style music and movement. Attire: Comfortable clothing, easy to move in. Shoes: Dance Sneakers or reg. sneakers.


Etiquette 4 Kids - (all ages)

We teach standards of acceptable behavior in various situations and settings for children. This class spells out the boundaries for proper etiquette, otherwise, the children will not know what the boundaries are. They must cooperate and show respect with their teachers, all adults and other children. This class provides the child with some simple guidelines that will help him to be disciplined, respectful and well mannered. The three R’s will be reinforced: Respect for self, Respect for others and to accept Responsibility for all their actions.

Ballroom 4 Kids - (all ages)

This class is purposely placed after the etiquette class, as it continues to teach the social graces and teamwork necessary in working together with a dance partner. The basic dances (foxtrot, waltz,tango, swing, hustle, rumba, cha cha, salsa & merengue) are taught thru an inter-related system that makes learning easy.The kids learn how to break thru social barriers as they are taught to honor, respect and value one another. Ballroom 4 kids builds confidence and self-esteem and at the same time brings immeasurable joy!Attire: Girls comfortable clothes, skirts or dresses w/child’s ballroom shoe. Boys- comfortable clothes w/boy’s ballroom shoe.

Choral Singing – (teen/adult)

The class focuses on choral style singing.  Find out your range and classification.  Develop ear training and harmony skills.  Improve your note reading skills and learn to blend as a group.

Acting for Stage – (teen/adult)

This class will focus on basic acting techniques for the stage, character development and monologue choices.  Actors will have the opportunity to choose scenes and monologues and work on perfecting their techniques in relationship to their choices.

Musical Theatre II – (14-adult)

An in depth study and hands on learning of past and current musical theatre techniques and shows.  Students will be introduced to music and scenes that vary in style and design.  Students will also do in depth character study and development.

Acting for Camera – (teen/adult)

Learn the secrets of screen acting in film & television and how it is crucially different than stage acting. Get hands on experience in front of the camera and learn what actually works! Learn how an actor, an announcer or anyone working in front of the camera can give excellent performances on screen. Gain experience working within various frames and dealing with changing sound and lighting levels. A safe place to let your guard down and build confidence in front of the camera!

Hip Hop - (teen/adult)

Hip hop your way through an hour of high-energy dance set to pop and hip hop tunes. A short warm up will be followed by a hip hop combination that will grow and be repeated throughout class. Class will end with a short cool down. Come prepared to dance! Attire: Comfortable clothing, easy to move in. Shoes: Dance Sneakers or reg. sneakers.

Ballroom, Latin & Swing - (teen/adult)

This beginner/intermediate level class rotates thru all the social dances (foxtrot, waltz, tango, swing, hustle, cha cha, salsa, rumba & merengue) and teaches an inter-related system that makes learning easy. Repetition is the mother of skill, therefore class attendance greatly increases your learning progress. This hour will take you back to a less jaded place in time where chivalry, romance and above all FUN rules! Step back in time and refuel yourself while giving yourself permission to play again!!! Great class for singles to meet singles and married couples to get re-acquainted! Attire: Ladies-comfortable clothes, skirts or dresses w/ladies ballroom shoe. Men- comfortable clothes w/men’s ballroom shoe.(alternate street shoe: closed back that slides easily)

Modern/Contemporary - (teen/adult)

This class teaches a fusion of jazz & modern dance, set to popular songs with lyrics that evoke a more expressive and emotional style of dance. This form of modern/contemporary needs only a minimal background in ballet and jazz. Attire::Form fitting clothing with jazz shoes or foot thongs.


This class combines classic and modern burlesque; is fun, exciting, and full of energy. Burlesque class will give you the tools, through music and movement, to find that sexy diva side and build the confidence to show it!

Jazzy/Contemporary - (teen/adult)

This class includes a fun warm up leading into across the floor exercises to refine skills such as leaps, jazz walks, performance expression, turns. Last half of class will include choreography that explores influences of Bob Fosse, Twyla Tharp and the “contemporary” style made popular by "So You Think You Can Dance."

Zumba - (teen/adult)

One hour of non-stop dancing thru a combination of latin based dance moves. Just follow the teacher, no dance training necessary to get into great cardio shape while toning your body! Attire: Comfortable clothing, easy to move in. Shoes: Dance Sneakers.